Enjoy Horse Riding With Correctly Fitting Saddles

Horse riding fun and is also an extremely healthy sport for people of all ages. However, one should remember that this activity is quite dangerous. Here are some important tips regarding horsemanship and safety, which will help you pursue this sport easily. First-timers should take lessons from an experienced and qualified instructor. He or she will teach you the basics of horse riding along with the safety measures you should follow.

Points to Ponder

Never make the mistake of walking behind a horse. Although this is very basic information you should still follow these rules at all times. Never ever walk around behind a horse. When this animal hears something behind it, they may kick out of fear. Remember a horse’s kick is powerful and can cause serious injuries or even lead to your death.

You should always wear a suitable riding helmet or hat. This prevents injuries to your head in case you fall off the horse and land on the ground head first. If possible, wear riding boots as they will help you keep your feet on the stirrups.

The first time, as well as inexperienced riders, should never ride solo. This could cause serious problems for you in the event you fell off the horse are were injured, and had to wait for a long time before someone found you. It is best to ride a calm horse and still take someone along with you.

Do not feel frustrated if you are unable to control the animal for the first few days. It takes some time. Handling the reins properly is crucial to maintain balance and control your horse.

The saddles

Selecting the correct saddles plays an important role to maintain the health of the horse as well as his health and that of yours. Ensure that you select a saddle that fits perfectly on your horse. A poorly fitting saddle is extremely uncomfortable for the horse and is also responsible for muscle pain and backache for the rider. A quick search will provide you with details of many companies in your city that will measure your horse and then recommend an appropriate saddle size.

The saddle’s position

Correct positioning of the saddle on the horse’s back plays a huge role in ensuring a comfortable horse ride. Make sure that you feel comfortable with the saddle while riding the horse and ensure that the horse is comfortable too. The back of the horse contains three basic muscles that can be negatively affected due to a bad saddle placement. Familiarize yourself with these muscles as well as their locations on the back of your horse before you try to position the saddle.

Following the above tips will result in an enjoyable ride both for you and your horse.

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