Some Initial Horse Welfare Resources

Hello fellow horse lovers! I just wanted to put up a quick blog post to name a few different horse welfare resources. The problem with some of the local ones is that they can come and go, but hopefully when you decide to Google some of these names, they will direct you to a CURRENT address or site.

There are literally dozens if not hundreds of horse welfare and advocacy and rescue sites. So, it’s easier for you to find the more current ones on the search engines by searching specifically for the category that interests you.

For example, you can search “horse rescue in (my state)” and you’ll see a number of location-specific options come up.

You can do the same for terms like “horse adoption in (my state)” or “equine rescue (my state)” etc.

One national site is the American Horse Council ( in Washington, DC.

Another is Equine Advocates ( in Chatham, NY (this is a group dedicated to preventing abuse while also protecting and rescuing horses).

Now, if you suspect that a horse (or any animal) is being abused, please do NOT take matters into your own hands, because you risk being charged with a crime yourself!

You can call the police. You can call a local veterinarian to see what other local options may be available. If you decide to take a photo of an animal to show a vet or a state official, please don’t share your photos or suspicions on social media! But be careful to follow the laws of your state and town when you suspect abuse.

The website has a very informative page about what to do if you suspect that a horse is being mistreated. The article is called “Reporting Horse Abuse.”

Again, there are seriously COUNTLESS resources at your fingertips. Let your search engine be your friend to direct you to the exact site that you need.

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